Summerland Soaps

Handmade artisan soaps, created with natural ingredients. Animal free.

All About Summerland Soaps

Summerland Soaps started as a passion for handcrafting goods for my friends and family. I was tired of washing my body with heavy perfumes and detergents. I wanted to make my own soaps, and the melt & pour kind you get at the craft store seemed too impersonal. I wanted to make my soap from scratch; I wanted to control EVERY ingredient. 

So I set out to learn the process, and refine the ingredients. After five years of trial and error, I found the perfect blend of oils, just the right amount of lye and the best blend of natural fragrances!

I started making it for myself and slowly my friends and family caught on. They then started wanted me to make them so they could give them as gifts. Word of mouth spread, and Summerland Soaps was born.

To this day I still use my custom blend of oils and continue to make soaps that are natural, organic and always animal free!