Summerland Soaps

Handmade artisan soaps, created with natural ingredients. Animal free.

Handmade Artisan Soaps

Summerland Soaps is a small home based soap company that produces quality handmade artisan soaps. All of our soaps are natural, and animal free! 

So why don't you want to buy a bar of "soap" at the drug store? Look at the ingredients on the "soaps" and cleaners you buy at the drug store. Do you recognize them? Me either. In most cases they are not "soap" but most likely detergents and synthetics Chemicals. Even products that are soap, are likely a combination of soap and other chemicals detergents. 

I list ALL of my ingredients, every last wonderful one! All of them are natural and gentle. As an added bonus, I NEVER use animal products in my soaps!!!